Which are the best coffee machines for the ultimate cup of coffee?

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Which are the best coffee machines for the ultimate cup of coffee?


The different ways that coffee is brewed will guide you the best. How do you like your coffee? What’s the most important thing in a cup of coffee? The strength, taste and convenience all play important roles in determining the best coffee machine for you.

French Press

The full-bodied taste of coffee is best captured by the French press. The reason this is a highly regarded method of brewing is that the coffee beans are steeped in water which allows for the natural oils to be released. The coffee does not pass through a paper filter so you are able to capture the full taste of the bean.

95% of the caffeine is released in the first minute of the water and coffee mixing together. The plunger is made up of a metal filter that captures the rinds and pushes the sediment to the bottom of the cylinder. What’s left above the plunger is typically 99% sediment free and ready for consumption.

Coffee Makers

Coffee machines brew coffee by dripping hot water over the ground beans. The water passes through a filter (in most cases the filter is made of paper) and into a glass pot. There is some taste that is lost when the coffee passes through the filter since the oils become trapped in the paper. There are bamboo filters as options that will change the taste of the pot of coffee you brew.

The bonus to coffee machines is a consistent brew and most machines are now programmable. If you like to awake to the smell of coffee in the morning than a coffee maker is a choice to make that happen for you.


Percolators are another favoured way of brewing coffee that use steam to move water upward through a chamber filled with grounds. The process will continue to repeat itself until you unplug the coffee machine or unless there is a temperature gauge that automatically shuts down the coffee maker.

Espresso Machines

Espresso machines use a similar method as a percolator but with high-pressure steam. The effect is a more potent beverage that is often consumed in much smaller amounts.